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Leap to Joy provides inspiration for all who are ready to reclaim their joy following health issues.


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The guiding vision for Leap to Joy

You can always choose joy
No matter where you are in life, what your age is or what your (physical) circumstances are.
Joy = spirituality
Journaling is essential
Create what makes your heart sing

The building blocks of Leap to Joy!

  • Blog
  • Books and Journals
  • Sharing my creativity
  • Coming soon!

New blog posts go up on Tuesday and Friday.

The theme of the blog is broad, varying from inspiration on how to seek joy when in pain, (creative) inspiration, how to heal and reconnect spiritually, and how to find joy in everything.

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I'm a writer, so it makes sense that writing is the focus of Leap to Joy.

I'm hard at work creating at least 3 more projects for publication in 2020.

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I love to create and share tiny poems and various graphics.

I share my poems on Instagram, but earlier this year I decided to expand on that. I now send creative and joyful gifts to Small Joyful Things (aka the Leap to Joy mailing list) every week. 

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I'm working on several projects, but one is the most exciting, so I thought I would share that here.

I'm knee-deep into editing my first course!

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June 25 2020
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Spotlight on

Ganesha's Blessings

Ganesha's Blessings

Everyone experiences deep emotional pain in their lives, whether they are ready to admit it or not.

In this novella, a sculpture of Ganesha comes to life and takes you on a dazzling journey, past a multitude of obstacles, fears, pain and joy.

This book isn't just the adventure of the main character, it's your own too. The feelings described in this book are universal. Ganesha's Blessings is an epic adventure of the soul, part reality, part fantasy, part magic, part healing, all love.
Buy here

Small Joyful Things!

Every Friday, a small gift goes out to this Leap to Joy mailing list. This can be a poem, a little inspiring text, or a mini journal.

You get a free mini journal called Spring to Joy! when you sign up!

About Leap to Joy

Leap to Joy logo

Leap to Joy started on 2 January 2020 as a blog.

It quickly became apparent that Leap to Joy was meant to be so much more than that.

I knew it needed to become a site for people like me, who have chronic pain, are recovering from physical trauma, and who feel disconnected from joy.

That is why Leap to Joy's mission is to be a website for all who are ready to reclaim their joy by reconnecting with their (creative) dreams and in rediscovering what they loved to do in the past. 

To that end, Leap to Joy is now going to expand. The blog will stay, as will the books and the newsletter filled with joyful gifts.

It will grow into a site filled with inspiring blog posts, books, and courses.

About Sylvia


Hi, I'm Sylvia, the creator of Leap to Joy!

I'm a writer, poet, blogger and creative jane-of-all-trades. 

I've been passionate about finding and living joy for most of my life.

Yet, in the past couple of years I've slowly lost my knack for joy due to a severe chronic pain flaring up.

Desperate to reclaim my (creative) Joy, I chose Joy as my word of the year for 2020,.

I started Leap to Joy to document my journey, but it is growing into so much more.

I'm ready to take a leap into doing what makes me feel joyful, and, even better, to teach you how to do it too!